We carefully assess our suppliers to ensure that materials used come from legal and sustainable supply sources and our waste is managed in a legal and environmentally friendly way through minimisation, recycling and segregation.

We seek to apply the principles of sustainable development throughout our business. We are committed to continual improvement and to the delivery of more sustainable construction processes and practices in those areas where we have direct control or the ability to influence others.

Our sustainability aim is operate to the highest professional standards to meet the needs of our stakeholders. Our sustainability strategy covers 3 key areas:


  • Further develop the skills and opportunities for our people.
  • Meet national and international standards of social responsibility, including social inclusion, equality and human rights.
  • Promote sustainable development throughout our supply chain and within individual projects.


  • Progressively increase resource efficiency, actively reduce dependence on non-renewable resources
  • Continual reduction of our carbon footprint. This is supported by our Energy Policy and our Materials Policy.
  • Minimise waste and maximise recycling. This is supported by our Waste Management Policy and Procedures


  • Prevent pollution and protect biodiversity.


  • Be a good corporate citizen by taking responsibility for our actions and by playing part in society.
  • Progressively improve the capability of the Vear Group to provide more sustainable design, construction and fit-out services.
  • Improve the dialogue and communication with all relevant stakeholders

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